Trend-update | IKEA PS 2014 - kitchen-1

Currently, for the first time, there are living more people in the city than in the countryside. IKEA is responding on this development with their new PS collection by and for everybody who lives in the city. A life that is in constant motion, but in a small area. For this collection, IKEA designers have joined forces with young designers from 15 cities around the world, including the Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings. The result: 51 flexible, affordable and multi-functional design products. Take a look at my favourites! - kitchen-rack

I don't know about you, but in my hallway there's always stuff: shoes, jackets, bags, mail ... with this wall shelf that problem is solved in a beautiful way. It provides space for everything and keeps the floor free. By the way, this shelf is also looking great in a kitchen or livingroom. - hallway2-1

IKEA is well known for their clever storage products. With the PS 2014 modules you can combine different elements to a storage combination that fits all your needs. There are even loose sheets available for the open sides. - clock-1

The design duo Scholten & Baijings designed a series of clocks and posters for the IKEA PS collection. Their designs are colourful, with movement and fun. I am so in love with the clocks! Both the wall and table model are really high on my wishlist! - scholtenbaijings-clock - hallway-1 - scholtenbaijings-poster-pink - greenhouse2-1

I can see this little greenhouse alread in my kitchen! With one side open you can also regulate the temperature. - shelf-mint

I absolutely love the combination of light wood and mintgreen. With the mirror, colourfull knobs, container and tray the PS rail system is different everyday. - shelf-mint2

The IKEA PS collection 2014 is available from juli. 

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