Soft toned ceramics by Elke van den Berg - insecten-kopjes-elkevandenberg-1

If there exists such a thing as a next life, I want to be a ceramist. Working with a beautiful and natural material such as clay must be great! That was exactly what Elke van den Berg thought when she finished the Design Academy. There was no plan, only the need to create something with her hands. It became a gorgeous collection of pastel-coloured ceramics. - klok-9-elkevdberg-femkeroefs - klok-8-elkevdberg-femkeroefs

Clocks can be a beautiful ornament on the wall, but most clocks are only designed to see what time it is. Elke made this hollow clock, in soft coloured pastels, with hand stamped numbers or words, and a bright coloured second-hand. A true piece of art and really high on my own wishlist! - kan-insect-elke-1

Elke isn't using any poetic names voor her ceramics, She just calls them 'plate' or 'cup'... - insecten-kopjes-elkevandenberg-6 - kan-insect-elke-0b

The little insect illustrations are being applied in the last stage. Before that, Elke is already busy for almost a week. Casting, drying, baking and scouring: making this kind of tableware costs lot of time and patience. - kleurstalen-elke-2

With this samples Elke is testing colours, glazing and structure. - blaadje-elkevandenberg-3

Elke uses clay leftovers to make porcelain brooches like little leaves. - theepot-elke-8

Are you also in love with Elke's work after seeing the beautiful images? Elke's pottery is for sale in a number of shops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France! Check out the full list of selling points here
The products are also for sale in Elke's webshop

Thank you Elke! 

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