Inspiration | Wired accessories - menu1-1

Today I got mail about a new beauty from Menu: the wire bin, designed by Norm Architects. I immediately loved the simple design and great colours the bin is available in. It inspired me to collect some more images about wired accessories for the home. Have fun! - menu2-1 - menu3-1 - menu4-1

More wired beauty's: - img-5472

The new wired basket on my kitchentable. Great decoration for mail, clips and clutter ;-) - img-4796

Decoration in my kitchen. Everything looks great in a wired basket I think. - lampje-1

Cute little light ... look at the detailed heart, love it! | Image via Pinterest - basket-1

Always a great idea: a big wired basket filled with pillows or blankets | Image via Pinterest - ferm-1

Love the wired pattern and white colour of this Ferm wired basket 

See more wired accessories in my Wired board on Pinterest! 

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