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Last weekend I went to Antwerpen for a citytrip with my love. It became a weekend full of inspiration and great (interior) adresses. Take a look at my favourites! 

1. HAY | IJzerenwaag 12

A beautiful mintgreen entrance, a little hallway (with candles!) and a cute little courtyard with stairs to HAY-Heaven! What can I say? I love the Scandinavian designs, soft pastels and geometric shapes of this Danish brand. In this shop you can find couches, tables and chairs, but also a lot of little accesories, pillows and rugs. - img-4690 - img-4696 - img-4707 - img-4713 - img-4766 - img-4700


2. Moose in the city | IJzerenwaag 10

When you're done shopping at HAY you should definitely take a look at the store next door. Moose in the city is a place full of Scandinavian designs. From VOLVO cars (really!), clothes (Filippa K, Selected, Numph), interior design (Ferm Living, Normann Copenhagen, Marimekko) to books, series and even a Scandinavian travel agency, where you can book your trip right away. I was here for like an hour, and couldn't stop looking at all the cool stuff. - img-4716 - img-4719 - img-4721 - img-4724 - img-4729


3. De broers van Julienne | IJzerenwaag 4

We were still in the same street, when we saw the delicious quiches, sandwiches and veggie salads in the window of this lunchadress. We couldn't ignore the irresistible delicacies and went inside. On little bistro chairs we enjoyed a chai latte, some fresh bio juice and a veggie soup with celery, patato and bio bread. Everything in this shop is also ready for take-away! Mmmmmmmm ... - img-4775 - img-4731 - img-4732


4. Around the fashion museum

A visit to the MoMu (Fashion museum) was high on my to-do list. But unfortunately the museum was closed because of a exhibition change ... Luckily the little streets around the museum house a lot of great adresses with sneaker shops (VIER and Avenue), arty graffiti walls and tattooshops. - img-4774


5. Sussies & koffie | Oude Koornmarkt 69

Sussies & koffie combines best of two worlds: vintage and coffee! A sweet little vintageshop with clothes, design and a great coffeeshop to hang out. A big table in the middle, cake on a plate, books, free wifi, music and fashionable people. Even the furniture you're sitting on is for sale! Coffee is from Caffenation (with also a great spot in Antwerpen!). - img-4741 - img-4748


6. Barnini | Oude Vaartplaats 10

Besides the theatre, some little boutiques and the Rubenshuis museum, there's another good reason to visit the theatre district: Barnini! Here you drink cappuccino's with ginger, a Honey milky (latte with lot's of milk and honey), bio juices and the best bagels on colourfull plates. On sunny days you can sit outside on the terras, but I prefer inside, because of the great vintage interior with sweet candy colours. - img-4767 - img-4771

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Seline Steba heeft een reactie geplaatst op 20-03-2014

Antwerpen is heerlijk! En ik zag de tentoonstelling indd. Ze waren 'm aan het opbouwen toen wij er waren :-( Goede reden voor nog een bezoekje ;-)

Louise - 30s Magazine heeft een reactie geplaatst op 20-03-2014

Wat een leuke dingen zie ik allemaal! Ben al best lang niet naar Antwerpen geweest, moet ik maar snel weer inplannen. En het fashion museum vind ik ook super gaaf! Hij gaat vandaag weer open met een mooie tentoonstelling over veren en mode.

Kevin Steba heeft een reactie geplaatst op 02-03-2014

Looks great! Luckily i was there with you ;-)

Ik hoor graag wat je ervan vindt

Let op, ik krijg alleen een melding van je reactie als je mij in je bericht tagged met @seline steba.