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Creative collaborations like these you usually see in the major cities of the Netherlands. That's why I like this shop even more: not Amsterdam, Den Haag, Haarlem or Rotterdam, but Almere is the hometown of this inspiring conceptstore for skateboarding, fashion, lifestyle interior and art. - img-5023

The 'Hard Bitten' part is the skateboardshop where you can buy hardware (boards and parts) and skate- and streetware. There's even a mini ramp where you can show your skills. I don't know about you, but I'm not that kind of a boarder, but this shop has a lot more to offer ... - img-5026

A large part of the store is dedicated to shop-in-shops with clothes for men an women, jewelery, shoes, books and design. Everything you see is for sale: even the chair you're sitting on while waiting for a fitting room. Speaking about that fittingroom, when you're there you should really take a good look at the doors, they are old and really beautiful. Especially in combination with the dark colours and concrete floor. - img-5018 - img-5024

The shop is full of cool brands like  The Darling Amsterdam (unique affordable brands, design and some vintage), No Robot (a rebellious collection of unique items you've never seen before), Jutka & Riska (with a new collection full of punk, rock and fairytale romance), Marbles Vintage & Design (restyled dresses, leather shoes, boots and bags), De Museumwinkel (beautiful framed butterflies) and many many more ... - img-5021 - img-5022 - img-5025 - img-5027 - img-5028 - img-5029


Hard Bitten & The Others
Schutterstraat 46 (Grote markt)
1315 VJ Almere 

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