Hema spring/summer collection

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Today I was invited to the Hema pressday where they presented their spring and summercollection. I already think Hema has a great collection, and after today's visit I can tell you: there will be a lot of shopping for me this upcoming weeks! Perhaps for you too ... after seeing this pictures! 

The collection is very colourfull, with lots of prints and geometric shapes (love that!). Actually it has a certain Scandinavian touch, but it's still very Hema. They used a lot of mint and aqua in their designs (yeah!) in combination with white. 

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Vases with ombre 

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Geometric shapes in mint 

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Bathtowel with ombre and a outdoor carpet with grey/white print and plastic bottom

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Love this white wired basket!

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Hema already has a great paper and stationary collection, and it's getting even better with a lot of new cute items! 

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How about this rack for wrappingpaper, tape and everything else you need above you desk.  

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Look at the cute desks and school chairs. 

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I love the way Hema is promoting crafts, I mean everybody would like to have a sewing-machine like this!  

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Available from May 19th

Home accessories
Available from week 10

Available from week 17 

Judith heeft een reactie geplaatst op 07-02-2014

I loveeee HEMA, and these pictures make me very exciting! I saw some products already in the webshop.

XX Judith

Ik hoor graag wat je ervan vindt

Let op, ik krijg alleen een melding van je reactie als je mij in je bericht tagged met @seline steba.