Etsy favourites #1

Do you love Etsy as much as I do? I litteraly spend hours watching beautiful stuff, sometimes without even buying anything. Because I love to share nice things, from now I will collect my 3 favourite Etsy shops monthly. Here are my first 3 picks! 

1. StudioMOSSdesign - studiomossdesign2-1 - studiomossdesign4-1 - mossdesign-1

Marcel OSSendrijver is a Netherlands-based designer who creates mostly lighting fixtures, furniture and product design. M.OSS is working in his homebased studio and continues to push the limits of lightness and other furniture. M.OSS is a young, fresh, creative and fully handmade design. 

Take a look in the Etsy shop here 

2. Inkkit - inkkit1-1 - inkkit2-1 - inkkit-1

Inkkit is the home of the hand painted, hand dipped and one of a kind painted twig pencils. Besides that they also sell beautiful paperware, stationary, packaging and ribbons. 

Take a look in the Etsy shop here

3. MyOwnLittleIndian - myownlittleindian1-1 - myownlittleindian2-1 - myownlittleindian3-1

Based in Amsterdam, My Own Little Indian (MOLI) is inspired by the love for the Native American culture. With colors, patterns and nature they provide everything for little ones without compromising style.
MOLI sells handmade tipi's, soft cushion covers, cotton handbags and much more to enrich the home interior with a Native American touch. 

Take a look in the Etsy shop here 

Have fun shopping! 

And do you have a Etsy favourite that's not on my list? Please leave a comment and lett me know ;-) 

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