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Last weekend we went for a little vacation to the forests of the Veluwe Nationalpark. We had a relaxed weekend in a cute bungalow and enjoyed the stunning nature we were surrounded by. The park's on-site canteen is decorated with the beautiful furniture of the Dutch designlabel De Vorm. 

De Vorm combines strict lines, colour design and hidden features to surprising, contemporary and timeless furniture. De Vorm is not only developing a chair to sit on it, designs by De Vorm are also made to enjoy their use and looks. And I think that worked out really well. - ap0p6425-1-1

Pebble chair 

Both the Pebble collection and Spring room divider were designed with nature as a prime inspiration and therefore fit perfectly in the warm and cosy atmosphere of the restaurant.

Designs by De Vorm have to tell a story, live their own life and develop their own character. The designs have their own identity and unique forms. - ap0p6317-1-1

Clip chair semi-upholstered - de-vorm-3329

Detail of the clip chair - ap0p6391-1

Wood me chair upholstered - devorm-sketches

Sketches of the Pod chair - devormproducts-0412-pod-002-white-bymashamatijevic-7526

Pod | Privacy chair - lw-3-grijs-1

LW3 | rubber lamp 

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For more information about De Boskantine Hoenderloo click here

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Dank je wel Pascale! Ik heb jou blog ook even bekeken, maar ook een mooie sfeer hoor! Bedankt voor je berichtje ;-)

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Wat een mooi blog heb je Seline. Prachtige stoelen, ik hou van de combinatie met hout. Pascale X

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