Little treasure jar - img-4617

Yesterday I got this sweet gift from my dear colleague.  A little jar with a great story... an idea really worth trying. - img-4625

From now on this will be our family treasure jar. The idea is to put little treasures in it, everything that ensures good memories will be collected in this jar for one year long. Theater tickets, shells from the beach, a ribbon or a recipe ... well, I think we need a bigger jar already. - img-4626
After one year we will empty the jar for a trip down memory lane! Wouldn't that be nice? All the little treasures, with their own little stories, ready to be remembered. - img-4627

Our jar contains the first memories already: a beautiful poem of Minke Maat, a recipe (not on te picture) and this cute little feather. We are ready to start collecting, I hope you are too ;-)

Ik hoor graag wat je ervan vindt

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