DIY | white clay necklace - img-5363

Last weekend I made a necklace with white clay. It was an idea I had for a long time. Pastel coloured beads in my favourite shades. I think it turned out great and I am going to wear it. - img-5367

I used white clay for the beads. I chose three different sizes for the beads: one big bead, two medium sizes and two small ones. - img-5368

I made little holes with a toothpick while the clay was still wet. After a few days the clay was dry and I started painting. I placed the beads on the toothpick while painting, so I could easily paint the whole bead. After the paint was fully dry, I finished the beads with some varnish. - img-5365

Done! I think they look a little like candy ... love how well the colours turned out. - img-5364 - img-5366


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