DIY | linen garland - img-4948

Wednesday is my day off, so the perfect time to get crafty (while my girls are at school and asleep). I'm a big fan of garlands, especially when they are handmade. My 'collection' contains some paper, plastic and tape garlands already, but could use a fabric version too. It's really a fun and easy-to-do little project with big results. - img-4945

All you need is a sewing-machine, some thread and your favourite fabric. I used linen ribbon, because I like the look and colour of this fabric. - img-4946

Cut your fabric in pieces. Make sure the pieces aren't all exactly the same size, because it looks more playfull. - img-4947

Fold the fabric pieces around the thread and sew the two parts together. If you like you can sew the bottom part of the fabric as well, I dindn't because I like the rough parts. - img-4949

Tadaaaa ... your very own linen garland. Fun to decorate or celebrate with!

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