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Maybe you'll recognize this one: your alltime favourite blouse is hanging in your closet for a while and although you're not wearing it anymore, you also can't throw it away. My colleague Denise Vegter came with a solution: a book full of great diy ideas with it! - img-5685

Creative Denise tells us that you don't have to be a great seamstress for her ideas. When you know your way with a needle and some thread, you can make most of the great fashion- and interior ideas yourself! All 60 ideas are provided by clear step-by-step desciptions and big colourful pictures. Get inspired by a little sneak peek of the ideas. - img-5686 - img-5687

A great alternative for the traditional triangle garland. - img-5688

Sweet: a soft superhero for the kids. - img-5689

White blouses starring in a romantic white curtain - img-5690

Your favourite pattern stamped and framed - img-5691

My favourite: checked laces for your shoes 

Denise Vegter is my colleague at the interior magazine ariadne at Home and runs her own business 'In mijn nopjes' where she processes vintage fabrics to fashion and interior accessories. Bloes is her first book and is available here 

Also take a look at Denise's website and follow her on Facebook!  

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