My week in pictures #11 - img-5568

The lovely necklace Lotte van der Wiel made, got the name I thought of. Meet: 'Oh my fox'. From now on my new best friend. In Lotte's shop Lotjedotje you can find many more beautiful stuff | These purple beauty's are getting more beautiful every day | My new Timzowood Living cupboard! I'm so in love and there is so much space inside | Last weekend I went to Designkwartier in Den Haag. In my blogpost you can see my favourite spots (this picture is taken at Snowpuppe) | Just like me a crush for wired accessories? This week I wrote a blogpost about it, also including images of the new Menu wire bin! | Saturdaymorning was all about a slow start. I took some extra time to take a picture of the little corner beside our bed 

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Ik hoor graag wat je ervan vindt

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